Simple Living: 10×10 Kitchen Remodel Ideas, Cost Estimates And 31 Samples

Simple Living: 10×10 Kitchen Remodel Ideas, Cost Estimates And 31 Samples

10×10 kitchen remodel ideas will be the only choice that you may afford for cooking activities at home. The reason is that this model provides quite spacious area for group cooking. Though it may not apply if there is a kitchen island, this model is still recommended for storing all of appliances related to cooking activity. There are things that people will get once choosing this model as the cabinet.

Classic white tones with good placement of furniture for small spaces.

There is common configuration for this model, because it is for convenient and for uniformity. Generally, there are two standard cabinet, one corner cabinet, and additional base if there is additional equipment such as stove, a dish washer, and other. This base also includes sink for cleaning raw ingredients. For the wall cabinet, there are generally more than base, because there is nothing inserted. However, the number may be reduced for window installation.

Kitchen Cabinet Customization.

It seems that there is a certain regulation regarding cabinet configuration. However, it does not mean that it cannot be changed. It is possible to change position of door hinge. It makes the cabinet unique and different. However, it is worth to remember that customization may lead to inefficiency. Therefore, to make everything nice, you have to think about it careful.

what is 10x10 kitchen cabinets
After all, from the appearance of the facades of the kitchen cabinets it is not only the image of furniture, but also almost the entire interior of the kitchen.

Galley Kitchen Renovation.

Too loaded with furniture and appliances kitchen will look ponderous and even sloppy, and the room in which the furniture is a little will make an impression of a cold and empty place. As always, you must adhere to the “golden mean.”

10x10 galley kitchen cabinets
10×10 Kitchen Cabinets For Ideal Cooking.

Small Kitchen Renovation Cost.

Most popular resources say what this cost in most cases is in range from $3000 to $10000. As example:

This once all-white kitchen got a quick facelift with red painted walls. Existing cabinetry and appliances stayed so it was possible to splurge on a granite countertop – a leftover slab purchased at a reasonable price. Another big-ticket item was a large hutch that replaced kitchen cabinets on the opposite wall.

Total cost (excluding labor): $5,146

Source of information:

Remodeling Your Kitchen With Island.

Depending on the size of the kitchen island, which is directly dependent on the scale of the room and the needs of the family, make up the “filling” of the base and operating module surfaces.

what does 10x10 kitchen cabinets mean
Great layout and lighting.
10x10 kitchen cabinets
Perfect brown color.

10x10 kitchen cabinet ideas

The upper part of the island, as a rule, is a table top, which can be used as a cutting table or a dining room for meals short. Also, the upper part may be a shell systems integration, a hob or gas cooker.

10x10 Kitchen Remodel Kitchen Mediterranean with Cherry Cabinets Custom Island
10×10 Kitchen Remodel Kitchen Mediterranean With Cherry Cabinets Custom Island.

Samples Of 10×10 Kitchen Remodel.

For a small space is best built-in kitchen furniture made to order. It has an abundance of a variety of designs with sliding and folding elements.

Complete Kitchen Remodel (After Images)
Interesting Complete Kitchen Remodel.


The full backsplash was tiled with a unique pattern chosen by the owners.
The full backsplash was tiled with a unique pattern chosen by the owners.


Drawer for cutlery should be close to the sink that is not to wear them after washing. Also cabinet for drying trays conveniently placed at the top of the sink.


10x10 Kitchen Remodel Cost Contemporary Style for Kitchen with Traditional Kitchen by OTM Designs & Remodeling
10×10 Kitchen Remodel In Contemporary Style for Kitchen with Traditional Elements.
Kitchen furniture should be placed along one wall, with a pre-defined location of the working area and the location of the refrigerator.


what is a 10x10 kitchen cabinets
Perfect space-saving method of the connection plate, a sink and a working surface countertops.
10x10 kitchen cabinets with island
Awesome white cabinets with island.
10x10 kitchen cabinets lowes
Good combination of colors with excellent appliances.

10x10 kitchen cabinets ikea

10x10 kitchen cabinets home depo
A good example of white furniture with a lot of cabinets.
10x10 kitchen cabinet layout
Today no surprise of workplace that blending smoothly into the countertop, which is located next to the sink and hob.
10×10 kitchen remodel excellent cabinet designs.

The kitchen with a large enough area of the advantages of weight – there are no restrictions in the choice of the color palette, you can place a maximum of furniture and household equipment of normal and reinforced volumes to hosts the whole range of stylistic directions, can accommodate a dining area in the center of the kitchen and access to it will be open to all sides.

The contrast of colors also help visually expand the space.
Visually expand the space will help pinpoint the bright lights, located on the perimeter of the ceiling, as well as over hanging lockers and shelves.
10×10 kitchen remodel: try to leave as much as possible of natural light. Avoid bulky curtains, choose light air curtains, Roman or rolling blinds.


For a small kitchen is best suited smooth lacquered fronts, perfectly reflect light.
Light furniture – what you need for a small kitchen. She does not look bulky, especially when almost merges with the background color of the walls. transparent glass objects are also stylish look.
Interesting design with a small island in the middle.
The ideal kitchen must be planned in such a way that after the preparation of dishes, all utensils will can be freely placed in cabinets.


Useful workplace on a window sill, that blending smoothly into the countertop. Perfect decision.



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