How to Select the Right Granite for Your Kitchen Countertops

How to Select the Right Granite for Your Kitchen Countertops

Choosing the right granite is an important decision and challenge for homeowners while doing their kitchen remodeling. The granite selection has become ever more challenging given the present day availability of numerous granite colors in the American market.

When so many colors seem to go well with your kitchen, how do you pinpoint one color and say, “That is my granite”? You need to coordinate the cabinet, granite, floor color, and other aspects of your kitchen to achieve your desired result. We suggest you bring a sample of your cabinet door and floor if available, and a picture of the kitchen to match to the granite.

We at Arch City Granite understand that at times it can be an overwhelming process for homeowners in St. Louis to choose their granite. We have helped thousands of homeowners during our eight years in business and would like to share some of our experience with you so that it becomes an easy and rewarding experience for you.

Continue reading, and watch the video below for some guidance and great tips to help you select the right granite for your countertops. You can also use our kitchen visualizer to help you select the right granite for your kitchen

Cabinet Color

The number one coordinating element to your granite should be your kitchen cabinet color. That is why we always encourage our clients to bring a sample of their cabinet when they visit to select their granite.

The ideal coordination is to select a granite that contrasts enough with the cabinets and the natural speckles should have the hues of the cabinet color.

It is not uncommon to have the opinion that the cabinets and the granite should have the exact same color, but this might create a big mass of the same color which may result in an undesirable effect. We can achieve a great looking kitchen with granite in two basic ways:

  • Granite countertops that are the same color as the cabinets with a darker mottling or veining.White cabinets with White Spring granite which has a beautiful white background with widespread grains and veins of brown, black, and grey in it. Arch city has installed many White Spring granite countertops with white cabinets in the St. Louis area. Other good examples of granite colors for white cabinets include Black Pearl, Silver Pearl, Labrador Green, Blue Pearl, Sapphire Blue, New Azul Arron, and the list goes on. We can definitely share all of this information with you when you come to visit us to select your  granite for your kitchen. Since white cabinets are very popular in the St. Louis area, Arch City Granite stocks the above colors in its own inventory.
  • Granite countertops that have a completely contrasting background color with interspersed grains or veins of color that match the cabinets.The same White Spring granite in the first example can also be utilized with black or espresso cabinets to give a pleasing result. A wide variety of granite colors that also go well with black or espresso cabinets include Giallo Ornamental, Lennon, Bianco Antico, Bianco Romano, Super White, Golden Crystal, Delicatus, Venetian Pearl, and a green granite with white veins called Costa Esmeralda. These are all also stocked at Arch City Granite for you to observe and choose from.

Other Examples of Granite Countertop Pairings

Neutral colored maple cabinets in medium brown can be paired with beige, white, or grey colored granite. Titanium granite can go so well with any light to medium colored cabinets.

Dark brown cabinets can be matched well with green colored granites such as Labrador Green, Lemon Ice, and Costa Esmeralda granites.

Honey colored cabinets can be complimented by granites such as Typhoon Bordeaux and Netuna Bordeaux.

Cherry stained cabinets go very well with Typhoon Boreaux, Uba Tuba, and Verde Peacock granites.

If you have medium to light colored oak cabinets, we suggest a contrast colored granite like Indian Coffee Brown, Tan Brown, Black Pearl, or Silver Pearl.

Two Colors of Granite in a Kitchen

There is a recent trend in St. Louis kitchen remodeling of using two different granite color combinations in the kitchen. A uniform grain dark granite like Black Pearl on the perimeter cabinetry and a contrasting light colored granite like Typhoon Bordeaux with a lot of veining and movement for the kitchen island or vice verse can really make a kitchen stand out.

With our experience over the years, we have noticed that this two color option goes well in large kitchens with a lot of space between the perimeter and the island. Using a single color for the perimeter and the island turns out more beautiful in smaller sized kitchens.

Granite Countertops for Two Colored Cabinetry

Another popular trend in St. Louis homes is to design a kitchen with two colors for the cabinets, one for the perimeter and another contrast color for the island. Selecting a suitable granite that goes well with the two different colored cabinetry poses a challenge to homeowners. The basic principle is to select a granite that has hues of the two colors. For example, a Titanium granite was used by Arch City Granite for a St. Louis kitchen that had white perimeter cabinetry and back island cabinetry. The result was a dazzling contrast that pleased the customers immensely.

The Size of your Kitchen and Granite Selection

It is a general design principle to choose lighter colored granite, like Giallo Ornamental, for small sized kitchens. Light colored granite will make the kitchen feel bigger. Arch City granite has also used some darker granites with light veins running through it in small kitchens, creating a stunningly beautiful result. It also depends on how much natural light falls into the kitchen.

Arch City Granite has project managers with extensive granite experience to help you choose the right granite for your kitchen countertop. No matter what cabinet color or kitchen decor you have, we are confident that you will find the right granite color in Arch City Granite’s St. Louis inventory.

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