15 Amazing Movable Kitchen Island Designs and Ideas

15 Amazing Movable Kitchen Island Designs and Ideas

The movable kitchen island is a freestanding furniture module that can be integrated as a storage system and appliances. The upper part of the island, as a rule, is a table top, which can be used as a cutting table or a dining room for short meals. Also, the upper part may be a shell systems integration,  a hob or gas cooker. At the base of the kitchen island, such appliances can be integrated in addition to storage for dishes and a kitchen accessories, a microwave, an oven, a dishwasher and wine cooler. Depending on the size of the kitchen island, which is directly dependent on the scale of the room and the needs of the family, make up the “filling” of the base and operating module surfaces.

An Interesting Portable Kitchen Island.

This useful portable piece of furniture can be used for many purposes. It may also fill the free space in the kitchen.

portable island
A pretty portable kitchen island with a small cabinets.
portable small kitchen island
Useful portable small kitchen island

Great Rolling Kitchen Island.

This mobile “islands” is convenient to use at parties and any other reception – loaded the countertop snack, and the inside of the clean dishes, you can roll out the module to the right place living room, porch or other areas with the highest number of visitors.

movable kitchen island
An excellent example for a small kitchen, you can use this island as a countertop or as a cutting surface and a place for short meals, such as breakfast.
Cool wooden kitchen island.

Cool Design Ideas Of Storage Space With A Movable Kitchen Island.

A great multipurpose option of a kitchen island

movable kitchen island: beautiful country style
Beautiful country style

Perfect Movable Kitchen Island Ideas With A Breakfast Bar.

If your countertops islands integrated into the main sink or hobs, the basis of these central units can accommodate anything – storage for utensils, a large and small kitchen attributes, cells for wine bottles and shelves for spices.

movable kitchen island designs
Even a small kitchen island can become an indispensable part of the functional kitchen space.
A useful multifunctional island with a great countertop.

Stainless Steel Utility Sink And Movable Islands.

In the lower parts of the kitchen island can often be seen placing the open shelves for cookbooks and other important details that we do not use every day, but their presence in the kitchen space is justified.

movable kitchen island designs
Professional design of the kitchen island.


Awesome stylish design

Kitchen Island Designs For Open Concept Dining Room.

Kitchen island in such a room is not only necessary as an additional work surface and storage systems (which is also important), but also to create focusing. The kitchen island can be made in one color palette and stylistic direction, as well as the rest of the kitchen or can act as the focus and the focal center of the kitchen space.

Obviously, the kitchen island is an integral part of the interior and must act in harmony and balance with the rest of the furnishings, finishes and decor of the room.

Professional design of the kitchen with awesome wide window.

You have to pay a lot of attention in terms of organization of a sufficient level of lighting of its working surfaces.

movable kitchen island
A good example of black style

Typically, a kitchen island is performed in accordance with the shape of the kitchen space. If the kitchen space square, and the island as well. The rectangular kitchens often can be found identical module furniture, standing in the center.

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