Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds

About honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds are the head of window blinds because of the features they provide.

As the name suggests the blinds have the design of honeycombs. If you look at the blinds from the side you will notice they look like a real honeycomb.

They are constructed of cells layered in more structures. You can match the blinds with any décor in the room. This is because you can get them in many fabrics, colors and textures. When you completely raise the blinds you will notice that the window is mostly revealed.

One great thing about these blinds is that they are very well insulated. This is due to its cell design. The air gets trapped inside these cells not being able to reach the room any more. This will help you save some money with heating or cooling.

There is a special feature that lets you lower the top part of the blind rather than raising the lower part. This is for those people that want privacy but still they want to allow some light inside the room.

For people who seek to have complete darkness in the room there is the possibility of installing blackout shades. The difference is the special material that keeps all the sun light out. Plus, at night when the lights are turned on during the nigh there won’t be a shade on the outside of the blackout shade.

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Different window blinds

If you want to decide which blinds are best for you decorating style you have to follow some steps:

1. First of all choose between the two hanging ways possible: vertically or horizontally. Normally vertical blinds are the most used and they work very well with large sliding glass doors.

Horizontal blinds are more limited.

2. Another factor that differentiates blinds is the amount of light they let in. For example an aluminum blind will allow a lot if the light in while faux wood blinds will block the light.

3. Try to match the style and color of the blinds with the entire design of the house. Choose only the colors that work with the rest of the theme in the room. Aluminum for example is standard white and may fit many decors, but for more sophisticated designs you should go for the wood blinds. Still you can also get all the colors with vinyl and vertical blinds.

4. Going on, another thing to consider is the environment where the blinds will sit it. If the environment is humid like in the kitchen or bathroom you should try the faux wood blinds. You should not go for the aluminum blinds because you will have a very hard time cleaning them while their durability will be in question as well. As for vertical blinds that hang all the way to the floor, you should reconsider them if you have children or pets around the house.

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Learn to choose your window blinds

Window treatments such as window blinds come with lots of advantages. They are practical and also decorative. This means that while the sun stays out of the room, you also get a nice looking chamber.

All these make you want to buy some blinds, but the question is: what blinds should you buy? Your decision is only influenced by some factors.

1. First you can choose the color you want. The color of the blinds should be in accordance with the rest of the room. Or it can be colorless as well. Maybe wooden blinds are what you need.

2. Next, you have to think about the shape and size of the window. You have horizontal blinds that work well with smaller windows. They also block a lot of light. If you have a glass door or a bigger window, you should choose vertical blinds.

3. Another factor that you should have in mind is how much light you really want to block. Dark blinds or venetian blinds will completely block the light. There is a model for every desire.

4. Now, you also have to choose from various textures. You can choose aluminum blinds or any other from wood, fabric or vinyl. They are all different.

5. A last thing to consider is your family’s safety. This refers more to kids that can get injured because of the long cords used to control the blinds. This means you have to choose a blind type that doesn’t include long, dangerous cords.

Learn to attach blinds to a sliding window

There are many types of windows, each with its own special features. You can install blinds on any of these windows, but the effort is not always the same. When installing blinds on a sliding window it’s better to do it on the outside.

1. Choose a side of the window frame and measure one inch away from it. Then measure one inch above it. Spot these places because later you will have to install the brackets here.

2. Now drill inside the market spots to make room for a screw. Don’t drill the entire length of the screw.

3. Place the brackets in position over the holes and insert the screws that are supposed to hold the bracket. Mount the screws.

4. Now drill the rest of the length of the screw. Make sure you install the screw while keeping it with the head outside the bracket.

5. Now take the blinds and try to mount them in the brackets. Connect the brackets with the head rail. You should hear a click at some point. When you hear the click you inserted the head rail correctly.

Cleaning shutters and wood blinds

Shutters are window coverings usually made of wood or vinyl while wood blinds are obviously made of natural wood. In order to keep them in a good state for a long time you need to perform a regular cleaning against dust and dirt. Even though your first choice may be to use water, the wood can get damaged because of it, so don’t use it.

1. Open the blinds or shutters so that they are facing the same angle. First clean them of dust with a dry cloth.

2. Now turn the blind or shutter on the opposite side and wipe this one too but with a clean cloth.

3. Continue the cleaning if necessary with a vacuum improved with a brush attachment. Clean the entire area of the shutter with it.

4. When dealing with vinyl shutters, the dry cloth may not finish the job, so you should clean them with a humid cloth to make sure you remove everything.


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