16 Great Ideas Of Attic Remodel

16 Great Ideas Of Attic Remodel

Looking for more square footage? Embrace the angled walls and convert your attic into a master suite, guest room, office or just a custom hideaway.

Game Day Getaway.

attic remodel ideas

Photo By: Design by Will Smith; photography by Roger Cox

A gridiron pattern was created on the lower walls with a combination of AstroTurf and molding. The angled walls are not ignored either — they are adorned with team logos and artwork.

Nautical TV Room.

attic remodel ideas

Photo By: HGTV fan emhdesign

If you have enough headroom, include a ceiling fan to keep the place cool in warmer weather.

Attic Remodel Ideas With Roof Windows.

attic remodel ideas

Photo By: Andrew Shaw

Shaded skylights are a necessity for turning an attic into a bedroom. Retract the shade to keep the room sunny and warm, then pull it down for those sleep-late mornings. The attic remodel ideas which use a skylight windows is very usefull.

Attic Nursery.

attic remodel ideas

Photo By: HGTV fan spot13

Got a new family member on the way? Attics are great for kids of all ages. The smaller ones aren’t hindered by the lower ceilings and older kids like having their own space away from the parental units. More about  girls nursery ideas.

Long On Style.

attic remodel ideas

The most is made of a narrow space by incorporating an extra-long sofa. The grooves on the corrugated-metal ceiling are run opposite the length of the room to make the space look wider. The shiny ceiling also brightens the room by reflecting the light from the window. See more of this room in the next. The attic remodel ideas for long spaces make your free space usefull.

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Poker Night Hideaway.

attic remodel ideas

An eclectic mix of rustic brick, modern furnishings and an industrial ceiling provide personality and makes the space fun and relaxing.

Sophisticated Stripes.

attic remodel ideas

Photo By: HGTV fan lowenstein
This attic was turned into a multipurpose office, library and workout room. The different angles and cubbies allow for delineation of each purpose.

Attic Symmetry.

attic remodel ideas

Photo By: HGTV fan silvernickel

A once dark and dank attic was turned into a sunny Victorian-style his-and-her bathroom.

Cozy Retreat.

attic remodel ideas

Photo By: Don Dudenbostel View original photo.

Normally beadboard paneling goes on the bottom of a wall and painted drywall on top. Here it’s switched with the beadboard on the ceiling. The lighter color on the ceiling gives the illusion of height and helps keep the space bright. Take a look at the other side of this room in the next photo.

Architectural Interest.

attic remodel ideas

Photo By: Don Dudenbostel

The cathedral tops on the dormer windows add a touch of Gothic style to this cottage setting. For practicality purposes, the entire back half of the attic was walled off to create a walk-in closet.

Charming Master Suite.

attic remodel ideas

Photo By: HGTV fan tgr3gory

Cross ventilation from the windows and balcony door — plus the ceiling fan — should keep this elegant space nice and cool on a hot summer’s day.

Mod White.

attic remodel ideas

An all-white color scheme makes the room look bigger than it is and helps the lower parts of the ceiling seem taller.

Upstairs Office.

attic remodel ideas

Photo By: HGTV fan bochou

This combo attic/loft space was turned into an office with plenty of workspace and storage. The ceiling beams add architectural interest while the well-placed task lighting gives the room a warm feel.

Lounge, Guest Room And Office.

attic remodel ideas

Photo By: HGTV fan MBK2008

A small ventless fireplace was placed on top of an oddly shaped built-in shelf to make the sitting area nice and cozy. A daybed tucked into the corner sits across from a writing desk.

Honey Mustard.

attic remodel ideas

An unfinished attic was turned into a vibrant reading room. Engineered-wood flooring in a whitewash finish adds character with its aged-patina look.

Incline Storage.

attic remodel ideas

Photo By: HGTV fan notjustaflip

Angled walls are a great opportunity for built-in storage. In this small attic bathroom, the shelving unit is built right into the slant of the roofline.

Girl’s Attic Bedroom.

girls bedroom designs

Photo By: HGTV fan shawrooms

Horizontal stripes with matching shelves are cleverly used to make the vertical space seem wider. With this idea you may use a  beds for small rooms.

Guest Room Getaway.

attic remodel ideas

This quaint guest room with its pine furnishing and crisp white linens is reminiscent of a European bed and breakfast.

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