16 Great Vintage Style Bathroom Renovation Examples

16 Great Vintage Style Bathroom Renovation Examples

Get inspired and get ideals for remodeling your bathroom in vintage style by viewing gallery of actual vintage-style bathroom renovation ideas photos. With so many photos, you will find numerous examples with different colors—greens, beiges, pinks, yellows, oranges, off-whites— and of course a plethora of different vintage-style fixtures.

vintage art deco bathroom fixtures

Mix and match storage units in your vintage bathroom remodel. The distressed table fits perfect into this retro bathroom.

vintage inspired bathroom fixtures

Vintage Bathroom Fixtures

Vintage bathroom fixtures can enliven the visual interest of any bath space, especially those with a retro or traditional design approach.

The first thing to decide if you’re considering vintage bathroom fixtures is whether you want to source them as true period pieces, or if replicas of vintage styles will do. In general, the replica route will cost less, but if authenticity is important, there are many local, national and online retailers of vintage fixtures you can explore.

In general, vintage fixtures will call to mind a specific era in bath design. A common example is midcentury modern. Midcentury modern bathroom fixtures are sleek and minimalist in design, featuring sharp angles and flowing curves.

Lighting fixtures are another option if you’re considering vintage style in your bathroom. Gleaming metals, curves and sharp angles in light fixtures can work well in a vintage bathroom design.

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