Bathroom renovation ideas and trends

Bathroom renovation ideas and trends

Our most private space is acquiring a star power all its own. Find out what the experts say is hot this year in bathroom renovations.

Today’s bathroom has thrown off its former role as a supporting player on the home stage and evolved into a mini-haven behind closed doors. Which is why so many want to have bathroom renovations done to their home. We asked a selection of bath and interior designers across Canada to tell us about the most popular design elements for bathrooms and bathroom renovations nowadays. The consensus is that whether modest or opulent, our most private space is acquiring a star power all its own.

“I think that the view from the bathroom is frequently underutilized. Often a bath is sited overlooking a garden or a pretty view, but you just have this tiny window. If privacy isn’t a major issue, why not enlarge the window? If it is, or if the bathroom’s really close to the next house, you can always use frosted glass or put up shutters if they suit the design.”
Brenda Porter, Brenda Porter Interior Design, Calgary

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“More adventurous sink designs are in for bathroom renovations, whether they’re undermounted or the vessel type that sits on a counter. The concept of the vanity as furniture ties in very nicely with that: it’s much more natural to have a beautiful, freestanding vanity with a vessel sink, than an antique piece that’s had a hole cut in the top for a sink.”
Brian Gluckstein, Gluckstein Design Planning, Toronto

“Handles and hardware are very clean and simple, like other elements in the bath. You might see a bit of nautical-inspired hardware, such as galley-style metal pulls, but nothing too ornate.”
Denise Stevenson, Susan Troup Design, Halifax

“Natural colours and materials are important for bathroom renovations. People are going back to an earthy look – stone, matte textures, exotic woods, tumbled marble, limestone.”
Anastasia Rentzos, Andros Kitchen & Bath Designs, Mississauga, Ont.

“We’re bringing a lot of commercial products into residential bathrooms: electronic faucets and the total toilet that does everything electronically, including wash and dry!”
Nina Hamilton, Napanee Design, West Vancouver, B.C.

“Our clients are going into the same level of detail in the bathroom as in any other room. We recently did a man’s bathroom that had beautiful mahogany panelling and furniture to coordinate with the rich wood panelling in the bedroom.”
Brian Gluckstein, Gluckstein Design Planning, Toronto

“People are eliminating the tub/shower combination unit and going for the super-shower – a shower in the same space that used to fit the tub. You can add a double bench for sitting and to prop up your leg for shaving. You can also put in a rain showerhead, multiple sprays, steam – the whole bit.”
Len Graci, Aquaworks Bathrooms & Kitchens, Toronto

“People today are recreating spas in their own homes: steam rooms, Kohler’s infinity bath where the water flows over the edges, showers with multiple sprays and other features. People are working harder than ever these days, so they want to come home to escape.”
Anastasia Rentzos, Andros Kitchen & Bath Designs, Mississauga, Ont.

“Storage in general is important, whether it’s shelves, cabinets, niches for displays, or freestanding furniture. We have furniture-like vanities, high-end medicine cabinets and also furniture especially for the bathroom.”
Raymond Binns, Binns Kitchen Bath Design, Pickering, Ont.

“What’s really hot now is the rain showerhead. It mounts on the ceiling and showers water down gently through tiny holes by gravity, like rain. It’s very gentle and soothing.”
Raymond Binns, Binns Kitchen Bath Design, Pickering, Ont.


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