Stunning 15 Home Office Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

Stunning 15 Home Office Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

Today, I was looking around on Pinterest and happened to find some cool home office designs, and they literally caught my attention immediately. So, I picked up some and would like to share these stunning 15 home office designs for your inspiration, which are my favorite from hundreds of designs.
Either you are a freelancer or working at office, I’m sure you will need a workspace in your house as well, where you can focus with silence and no one distracts you. Or even if you are still a student and living with parents, these home office designs will be your inspiration when you get to live alone and design your workspace. Some of them are very simple setup, which you can make easily. Anyways, let’s see!

#1. White home office ideas

White home office ideas
White idea.

The room is so white, I like the taste of colors used in this desk setup. I particularly love the unique lamps and that cute houseplant on the desk.

#2. Pretty and usefull home office design

Pretty and usefull home office ideas
Pretty and usefull.

This is pretty simple, and that’s what make this home office good. Since there’s nothing that distract me on the desk, I’m sure I’ll have a good time chilling there. This setup is better when you do some easy works.

#3. Home office design idea for small room

Home office design for small room
Home office design for small room.

This setup is very similar to mine but more simpler. Also, the workspace is in a bedroom. It’s not pain to work longer when your bed is right next to you. This is the beauty of simplicity while it looks very sick. I love it.

#4. It may be wooden. Wood is cool home office idea.

Wooden home office ideas
Wooden home office idea.

This is also very simple, I like the white room and wood desks, which pretty much reminds me of the Apple Store retail. You can have a peaceful time in this room for sure.

#5. It may contains wall stickers for the motivation.

your cozzy home office
Your cozzy home office.

I don’t like the sense of mixed in this room, especially purple carpet and window curtain. I’m not saying I don’t like purple, but this color doesn’t seem to match with other colors used in this room. However, the desk setup is perfect. I love that wall with a quote from Walt Disney. Can I have one too?

#6. Large office.

Large home office design
Large home office design.

This is probably by far the most favorite of home office. I like the color of lightnings, not too bright. I want the same room in my house. I love how the room looks so warm and calm.

#7. Cheap idea with wooden table.

Wooden table in home office idea
Wooden table is cheap idea.

It’s so plain, I don’t know why I’m so attracted to this setup. I love it and I definitely want to work here.

#8. Wood may be vintage.

Wood and Apple in your home office

I like how simple it looks, it looks very calm. I want this desk, if I were to work as a designer or something. I think this setup is good for writers and  living alone as well.

#9. Idea for very small room.

Small and simple home office design idea
Small and simple idea.

This kind of room is very good when your room isn’t that spacious, I actually don’t like spacious rooms that much, the smaller I can more relax and focus. And I feel relieved like a cat when I’m in a small room. This setup is very good, it’s so clean.

#10. Be clean and brignt.

Clean and bright home office design idea
Clean and bright home office design idea.

What’s so lovely about this room is its shape of room. I really like it, it’s so clean and bright. I don’t like rooms without enough sunshines.

#11. Accuracy concept.

Very accuracy home office
Very accuracy and useful. This grey idea is wonderfull.

Is this an office of Tapbots, known as apps like TweetBot? Not sure but this is definitely one of my favorite. If I were a designer, I want a sick home office like this. It kinda looks futuristic, with so many gadgets. I love, love it. I think I would make my room like this if I start living in my apartment.

#12. Part of living room.

Home office as a part of living space
Home office as a part of living space.

This is a definitely lovely workspace. I think this is not a room of house, probably a part of small office but it’s still so cool. Even if I’m a CEO, I could sit and work here.

#13. Ipod? Ipad? I paid for Apple style…

Apple style clean and bright home office design
Apple style – clean and bright.

It’s so white and clean. It would look stunning with Apple products for sure. Also, I like the design of that curved desk. And sunshine is perfect, I want a room like this.

#14. Keep it simple…

Simple example of office
Simple example.

This setup looks very usual but still one of the best for easy setup. Even if you can’t afford for some expensive gadgets and furniture for your home office, this one could be affordable to most of us since it’s simple.

#15. And hacker’s space.

Dark office for gamers and hackers. :)
Dark office for gamers and hackers:)

Is this some hardcore gamer’s room? Probably yes. As a gamer, I want a room like this so bad. I like clean and simple things but I wouldn’t mind myself surrounded by a lot of screens, and gadgets. I’m happy with them.

So these were stunning 15 Home Office ideas. Which home office design did you like the most? Mine is #6, #11 and #15. I definitely need a nerd room and workspace separately.

Home Office at dinning table. Usefull and simple.
Home Office at dinning table. Usefull and simple.


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  1. I like the one with the purple curtain and carpet. I think purple goes well with those other colours (black, white, grey and green from the desk plant)

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