Modern Bathtub Designs

Modern Bathtub Designs

With their clean, straight lines, modern bathtub designs help create a neat, uniform space in your bathroom space.

Less is more when it comes to modern bathtub designs. Modern tubs (as example japanese soaking tub) might be described as sculpture for your bathroom. No need for a “do not touch” sign on these tubs, however. They are as functional as they are beautiful.

Characteristics that set modern tubs apart from other types include flat, slender edges running along the perimeter plus minimalist, defined lines. The tubs also tend to have distinct sides and smooth contours, which allows them to become focal points for the bathroom.

Modern tubs are reminiscent of children’s blocks in their shapes: cubes, rectangles, variations of ovals, and round styles are typical. Triangle versions fit nicely into a corner alcove.

Most modern tubs are freestanding and are available in soaker and traditional versions. Drop-ins are also available for those who prefer surrounds. Some drop-in modern tubs also have hydrotherapy options.

Modern tubs are cast in acrylic or similar materials. Most are molded and cast with a level bottom, negating the need for feet or pedestals.

The design possibilities for faucets for modern tubs are virtually endless. Choose filler finishes that accentuate the neutral color palettes of your modern bathroom, such as black or brushed nickel. As most modern bathtubs are freestanding, floor or wall mount faucets will be necessary.

If you are looking for an even more upscale feel for your modern bathroom, consider concrete tubs. These are all custom-made to your specifications for shape, size and space.

Concrete tubs may be cast in a factory or in your home, which allows for shapes or sizes that would not fit through the average door. Topical sealers are applied to make the concrete tubs completely waterproof. Also, if battleship gray is not your ideal color, concrete can be stained or tinted as you desire.

Be sure to work with a contractor and plumber who are familiar with concrete tubs to ensure proper installation.



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