Mid-Century Modern Style for Any Home

Mid-Century Modern Style for Any Home

Mid-century modern style is modern all over again. The pieces we now call retro were revolutionary in the 1940s-’60s: egg-shaped chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames, tulip-inspired tables by Eero Saarinen, and interior design combining clean white with bright colors.

Here are nine ways to incorporate the mid-century modern look into your own home.

Record players and records

Manchester Media Stand, $99, Urban Outfitters

Truly a fixture of homes of the era, record players and artfully displayed records are a necessity for any mid-century modern decor. A side table or credenza that holds records is ideal.

You can also hang records as decorative pieces. Seek out colorful album covers that are in good shape — and don’t be afraid to actually play them to really bring the vibe to life.

Shag rugs

beni neutral rug
Beni Neutral Rug, $211-$499, CB2

A shag rug under foot makes everything feel like a throwback to the 1960s. A white or neutral shag rug can look modern placed against hardwood floors and surrounded by low-slung furniture.

Unique lighting

Galaxy Wide Chandelier, $895, Rejuvenation

Chrome looks sleek and shiny on side tables and as oversized floor lamps. If the shade is egg-shaped, that’s even better. Hanging chrome lamps and unique light fixtures above dining spaces add visual interest, too.

Plants and planters

hot orange bullet planter
Retro Bullet Planter, $85-$150, Hip Haven

Plants and planters are an important part of the mid-century modern aesthetic. They bring life to a room and, when placed in containers that are egg shaped, either hanging or sitting on hairpin legs, complete the style. Glass terrariums are another option.

Sunburst details

Sol Sunburst Clock, $80, Dot & Bo

Sunbursts and other atomic-inspired designs are the perfect detail to incorporate into smaller goods. Look for large brass sunbursts to hang as wall accents. Cocktail glasses and napkins, fabric for pillows, and trays can all be decorated with sunburst flare.

Folding screens

Sunshine Folding Screen, $500, Dot & Bo

Folding screens in graphic designs can create separate room areas and easily be stowed away for more open space when hosting a cocktail party. Creating cozy nooks is ideal for mid-century style, which often features wide open spaces separated by furniture and screens.

Space-age decorations

Geodesic Bowl, $20, CB2

Space-age shaped vases, wire bowls and other decorative items will bring the excitement of space exploration into your home in subtle ways. The unique shapes look lovely placed on sideboards and in bookshelves.


Solo Radio, $80, Crosley Radio

Mid-century technology was a huge part of daily life, and, therefore, home decor. Incorporate these now-vintage pieces into your home as well, or find like-new space-age pieces. No mid-century modern home would be complete without a typewriter. The same goes for unique radios, clocks, vintage cameras and movie recorders.


clear chair
Sweet William Chair, $110, Dot & Bo

Faux-marble, wire, shiny glass and metal all add accents to the room. Textured, simple plates in vintage colors are perfect for dining.

Clean-lined bookshelves and stools can also be made of matte or shiny laminates, metal and wood.

Dodson Table Lamp, $325, Rejuvenation

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