24 Luxurious Interior Design Inspirations For Your New Home with Victorian Luxury Style

24 Luxurious Interior Design Inspirations For Your New Home with Victorian Luxury Style

Starting anew in a new home can be a wonderful place to realize your dream of bringing some luxury in your house. With a  new home you will have a white blank page to paint your perfect interior décor which you have been building in your head for so long. And if you haven’t, then don’t fret, there are always places to get ideas from. Like here, for instance. You can get a variety of ideas that will stir your mind into motion as you pick the new ways of luxury living you can fill your house with. Just get a cleaning company to completely cleanse the house from all of the former inhabitants’ dust and start picking what to fill it up with. Think in terms of style:

Victorian Luxury Style

Do you want to feel like a British aristocrat? This is the way to go. This is the old school luxury look you can go with, and you can add a touch of self to You can think in terms of shapes and fill the house with geometrically sustained furniture, carefully choosing each spot. This is where you can add custom wood furniture, some more colours, a few touch of darker nuances here and there, and magnificent carpets and rugs that might make your days of thorough rug and carpet cleaning difficult, but it’s all worth it.

Neo Modern Style:

This is the way to go if you like simplistic purity. A bright setting, as little colours as possible, without any complex shades. Add custom blinds, ottomans instead of armchairs, dark tables for contrast, white leather sofas, high chairs for the tall dinner table, and almost no decorations. Oval shapes are the thing in the neo modern styles, so the more rounder furniture you want, the better. Upholstery cleaning will be simple as you will immediately be able to see which parts of the upholstery needs attention, and because of the luxurious look, guests will be forewarned to be careful with their drinks and food.

Art Deco Productive Style:

This interior design style also loves geometric shapes – the ones that the pieces of furniture represent, and the ones embedded into said furniture and decorations. A cabinet with mingling circles, a circular armchair, a square sofa, a triangular table with round legs, cubic lamp tables, and so on. All of these represent incredible views that you can add to your home. And why is called a ‘productive’ style? Well, because abundance is not bad. The more lamp tables, the more spots to place your coffee or tea. The more ottomans, the more places to sit. The more chairs,  the bigger company expectancy. Sure, home cleaning might be harder, but how is that not worth it?

Get a professional cleaner over to quickly have the home clean and ready for your new possessions. Make sure you have sold all your old furniture so that they don’t interfere with the style, and start decorating anew. And think big. Think bright and shiny. Think luxury.

Luxurious Interior Design

Luxurious Interior Design

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