Latest and most interesting articles with interior design ideas.

Latest and most interesting articles with interior design ideas.

Luxury Interior Design

13 samples of luxury interior design for you.

Luxurious Interiors That Will Make Your Jaws Drop

If you are planning to become a billionaire any time soon, you will probably end up living in an enormous house, and it should be definitely decorated in an extravagant way. In this article I’m going to share with you some luxury interior designs and that you would want to copy for sure…


26 Beautiful Terraces Design Ideas In Gallery

beautiful terraces design ideas

This gallery is a set of hand picked beautiful terraces design ideas. All of this photos come from real life and have a part of soul of creators or designers.


15 Steps to Beautiful Room Makeovers and Luxury Interior Redesign

beautiful homes, room decorating ideas

Room makeovers and interior redesign ideas for creating beautiful and comfortable homes can be simple, inexpensive and easy. There are many ways of bringing a little style into home interiors. Every house can look and feel luxurious and inviting after room makeovers and interior redesign…


45 modern bedroom ideas for you and your home.

modern bedroom design ideas

The bedroom is the place where you are relax and rest after work. The interior of the bedroom should be comfortable and bed should be soft. This article contains a lot of luxury and excellent professional modern bedroom ideas…


Bathroom interior design ideas. The best handpicked pictures and photos.

exclusive luxury bathroom interior design for billionaries

We love bathrooms as well as you, so we are collecting many professional and beautiful photos of bathroom interior design of different styles. It’s hard to pick just one, so we are always happy to offer each of you exactly what you need. Enjoy!

Japanese bathroom design – the exotic beauty of minimalism


Japanese bathroom design is an exciting combination of minimalism and ethnic style. Japanese style is very popular for small bathrooms but not only. If you wanted your bathroom to be original and unusual, to have an atmosphere of serenity, tranquility and at the same time, be natural…

Lanscape Lighting

Eye-Catching Light: 22 Landscape Lighting Ideas

22 Landscape Lighting Ideas

Thoughtful landscape lighting ideas is a treat for the eyes. “You want people driving by to take a second look because what you’ve created is interesting,” says Chris Mitchell of landscape lighting firm NiteLiters in Owensboro, Ky. Mark Parameters…

The Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Update Your House


Selling a home in today’s market is a lot different than just two years ago. Now houses may be on the market for six months or more, given current real estate trends. So what can you do to move your home more quickly?…

Living rooms

77 really cool living room lighting tips, tricks, ideas and photos

living room lighting

In this article we collected many excellent decisions of living room lighting. You can see that there are many options for lighting the living room and come up with your own unique style. living room lighting Lighting technology for the home are available to all and anyone can design what he wants…

All Perfect Living Room Lighting Ideas

contemporary living room lighting ideas

Living room lighting ideas are one of matter things in designing that have to be urgently considered by the people. Even the lighting fixture is a very matter thing in a house, the people consideration when they choose it is so much less. They just choose everything that the shop keeper offered…


30 Glowing Ceiling Designs with Hidden LED Lighting Fixtures

contemporary bedroom lighting

Contemporary hidden lighting fixtures work wonders. They bring originality and creativity into modern interior design, adding unique decorative elements to ceiling designs and enhancing room decor with softly glowing light. Hidden lighting fixtures stay invisible, creating majestic effect and brightening up modern interior design…

Dining room

Luxury houses

Unique luxury house in South Africa by SAOTA

© Adam Letch

“The brief was to create a building that maximised the connection with the view and the sea, create a garden on the mountain side of the site and to minimise views over neighbouring buildings,” says Greg Truen, Project Partner. The site is positioned on the side of Lion’s Head and has fantastic views over the Atlantic…

Luxury Modern Desert House, Paradise Valley, Arizona

Modern desert house built on the hill

Paradise Valley in Arizona may be small town in the desert, but homes there are far from being small. Specially if are talking about this amazing desert house built back in 1988. This 3 acre property is located on the hill offering beautiful views of the city and whole valley…

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