Grow a Garden Fairy Rings

Grow a Garden Fairy Rings

A circle of lush, ornamental grasses and fragrant flowers create a magical place for kids to play. Who knows, you might even spot a fairy!

Grow a Garden Fairy Rings

Fairy Ring Illuminated with Painted Fairy Lanterns

Kids of all ages will love this whimsical hideaway. You will need: a shovel, stick or plant stake; string; potting soil; ornamental grasses and a selection of perennial flowers; watering can; empty jars and glasses; glass paint; varnish; tea light candles or solar nightlights.

Step 1: Make Garden Fairy Rings Lanterns

Fairy Ring Lanterns made with Recycled Glass Jars

Before planting, decorate the outside of your recycled jars with glass paint. Let dry completely, then place a tea light candle (or a solar tea light candle) in each jar. You can hang the lanterns from tree branches or place them around the area where you will make your fairy circle.

Step 2: Make a Circle

Making Fairy Ring Begins with Making Circle

Make a circular area for planting by using a stick and a piece of string to mark the edge of the circle.

Step 3: Dig Out the Trench

Fairy Ring Takes Shape with Dug Out Trench

Using a shovel, dig out a deep trench around the edge of the circle and sprinkle potting soil in base.

Step 4: Start Planting

Form Fairy Ring by Planting Potted Plants

Remove plants from pots and place in dug trench. Fill soil around roots, and press soil down to keep plants upright.

Step 5: Water the Plants

Water Plants in Newly Planted Fairy Ring

Water the newly-planted plants and add decorative mulch to complete the garden fairy rings bed.


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