Great Sample Of House Renovation: Hill Street Residence

Great Sample Of House Renovation: Hill Street Residence

On a steeply sloping side in Dolores Heights, complete rebuild transforms a small 1970’s house into an airy modern home with seamless indoor-outdoor transitions. Contrasting systems of vertical movement and expansive horizontal views provides a variety of spatial relationships to the site and the city – from the intimate to the distant, from urban expanse to private garden. A sky-lit, two-story interior, stairs, hall with bamboo garden blurs the house-landscape relationship and provides further emphasis of the vertical connectivity.


Hill Street Residence Exterior

Hill Street Residence Exterior 1

Hill Street Residence Exterior 2

Hill Street Residence Exterior 3

Hill Street Residence Exterior 4

Hill Street Residence Exterior 5

Hill Street Residence Exterior 6

Hill Street Residence Exterior 7




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Living room after renovation

Corner Side Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room and natural lighting

Living room 3

Open plan kitchen

Open space kitchen

Open space kitchen 2

Open space kitchen (living room)

Dining room

Modern Dining Room With Open Plan Concept


Dining room 2


Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 3

Balcony & Backyard


Backyard 1

Backyard 2

Interior and stairs

Interior 6

Interior 7

Interior 2

Interior 3

Interior 5

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