Granite kitchen worktops

Granite kitchen worktops

Have you ever wondered what could heighten the value of your house? It is no secret that the more expensive items or care you input into your house, the more it’ll be worth when it comes to a final sale. Therefore you should always consider which items, objects or permanent furniture to insert. Bear in mind that everything you include will matter, and could always have a positive impact, all the way from less valued room paintings (the quality of the paints as well as the colours), to granite kitchen worktops and perhaps kitchen cabinets and flooring, that matches the granite kitchen worktops.
Many people consider laminate worktops for their worktops, or perhaps other wooden or plastic products. This is a wrong mind set if you are considering selling a specific house in future. Of course, in the short term you will save up and pay less for the laminates (or other products), however it is the stone worktops that will highlight the quality of your kitchen or other interiors. Yes you will spend more, but such expenditure will be worthy and certainly satisfying.

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You may ask why, well first of all:

•   Granite kitchen worktops, and stone in general (whether natural or man-made) is very durable, therefore once purchased, it will last for many years, and if taken care of very well, it could last a lifetime. This means that when considering prices of housing and apartments, it will be a major factor considered by a specialist, as the buyer will be aware, that one is purchasing a part of a kitchen that will last a lifetime, meaning that in the long term, the buyer will save up, as the worktop (unlike the laminates) will not have to be replaced after a few years of usage. This is of course a case, if the buyer will be satisfied with the colour of the granite worktop, and will be happy to keep it, rather than replace it. Which brings up another point to acknowledge, which is choosing a universal colour or pattern of the worktop. This will provide a much higher chance that the buyer will be satisfied with a specific granite, and will accept it, rather than reject it. A universal colour could range from a plane black, slightly sparkly perhaps (for example: Absolute Black or Star Galaxy). Anything brown (Tan Brown) or slightly green will also be acceptable. Lighter/golden colours in the form of Shivakashi are also fair colours, that majority of people will like. Do keep in mind that, all of these colours, need to suit the overall colours and patterns of your kitchen. Therefore if your cabinets are grey, and you choose golden colours of the granite, the buyer may really dislike the contrast. Thus it is important to suit the colours of the worktop, and the remaining furniture, otherwise even the most likeable granite will fail, and the buyer will be forced to replace either, which ultimately equals to bigger expenses.

•   Another point to consider is that the stone worktops are very tough surfaces, so there is much less worry regarding the damage of the surface. For example it is very hard to scratch them, in fact almost impossible. Furthermore the surfaces are resistant to heat, of course if a heated object (such as a pan) is placed on top, it may burn the worktop, however it will take time to burn it, unlike with laminates, which will stain almost immediately. The worktops are also water resistant, of course to some extent. If left exposed to water for a long time it might lose colour, however there is usually no harm if the liquids are wiped always straight away. Therefore on a temporary note, it is often undamaged. Lastly the worktops are almost always resistant to heavy impacts, therefore if something is dropped they will usually be unbroken. On the other hand, there are cases that the surface may be chipped, if not careful, although it is very unusual.

•   regarding the point above, do remember that if you choose granite kitchen worktops for your kitchen surfaces, make sure that they are kept in the best condition, for any damages may have a negative impact on the pricing of your property, as well as a possible dissatisfaction of a potential buyer.

Therefore in the end, these are the features you should pay attention to whilst considering a granite worktop within your house. Be mindful that the granite will be very useful in order to heighten the pricing of your house, however, there again there are certain rules to follow, and if not followed it might be a loss, rather than a win.

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A kitchen as a whole is one of the most important interiors in the entire house, so why not focus on this room regarding the price? You could leave every room empty before sale, so the buyer could fill it in, however a kitchen, just like a bathroom must be arranged and filled with cabinets, worktops, sinks etc. They are the necessary items for everyday living, and so remember to focus on the kitchen, as well as the bathroom, the most.

To conclude, this article should give you a brief idea why and how granite kitchen worktops may impact the pricing of your house, and the important steps you should follow before even choosing a worktop. Many people questions themselves why they haven’t put more effort into their interiors, assuming that there is no point, considering it will be sold very soon and it does not matter. However it is in fact the opposite, and this is what we are trying to prove here. Yes in the short term it will definitely equal to spending a little more, but in the long term it will certainly pay off. Not even necessarily considering the pricing, but the interest of a potential buyer as a whole. A nicely decorated kitchen and bathroom will be the breaking point, and it will prove to the buyer that your house is the perfect one.

Many purchase the properties in order to move into them straight away, and they do not have the time, hassle or the effort to spend days, or perhaps weeks on inserting new features into their house. You can make this easier for them and certainly prove that your house is worthy of a high priced purchase!

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