14 Great Inspirations of Balcony Modern Interior Design

14 Great Inspirations of Balcony Modern Interior Design

The balcony became a favorite room when relaxing with family. Makes a nice balcony is not difficult, can make a balcony with curved or flat shape in accordance with the concept of your home design. Adjust the color of the exterior, so that no heat can make given the plant to a shady balcony. Balcony house can be given a pot of flowers to decorate the house balcony. Give seating and tables on the balcony so they can enjoy the view from the balcony of your home. Balcony need to be adjusted to the type of canopy.

How to choose the right balcony of the house is:

1. Choose the type of balconies in accordance with the theme of the house or the house canopy, since usually the canopy will be adjacent to the balcony of the house. Canopy from metal with floral motifs, the balcony can be designed with iron material and floral.

2. Decorative balcony becomes more attractive. Can hang flower pots or plants on the balcony so it looks more beautiful. Or it could also featured several ornaments like figur or small painting on the wall of the balcony.

3. Balcony usually has a more simple and elegant motifs, it is necessary to choose the right color to match the color of balconies and walls of the house















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