Bedroom inspiration: Special nightstands

Bedroom inspiration: Special nightstands

Bedroom inspiration: special night tables the night table such as the bedside table actually mean is: a small table next to the bed with one or more load, used to store objects that you before bed, sometimes during the night or early morning might need. That table is increasingly being replaced by other objects, found in and around the House, which can perfectly serve as bedside table and right its own style to the bedroom.

Baby Nightstand with wooden top

Utensils as bedside table In part one of my article on bedside tables saw your bedside tables made of magazines, solid wood and tree trunks and suitcases passing by. But also crates, chairs and ladders are more than suitable for use as ‘ box ‘ next to your bed to put down.

DIY nightstand and dog bed

Crates as bedside tables Old fruit crates or boxes are fun to use as a bedside table. You can paint them in a choice of colours, but they also do not look out of place in the rough next to your bed!

Double shelved glass and metal nightstands

Chairs as bedside tables The sitting surface of a Chair can be perfectly used to stuff that you might need during the night. With a nice bedside lamp, alarm clock, stack books or magazines or a vase of flowers is the Chair next to your bed a real eye catcher. Chairs come in different colors, styles and shapes, so there there will always be to find one that fits in your bedroom (or make it a fun DIY by).

Cell doubles up as a smart bookcase

Ladders as bedside tablesGo crazy and put a ladder or stepladder as bedside table next to your bed. Except that it looks nice, there is also a ladder handy! Mount or hang your books to a reading light, fold over it or use the steps of the ladder as Bookshelf. Also fun to make yourself! Of approximately 4 bamboo tubes or slats to make your own ladder by between two long tubes or slats a number of sports with nails or rope to each other. With a lick of paint allows you to exactly match your bedroom décor.

A dark wood wall mounted nightstand

Clean lined nightstands

Built in wooden nightstand detailing

Elegant Riga 2 night table

wall mounted bedside table

Marble top of wooden nightstand Ziggy

Mirrored extreior of Queen 2 nightstand

bedside table designs

Stained wine box nightstand DIY

Nightstands in glossy white andgreen

Open drawer for storage

Two legged hot blue nightstand

 table design for bedroom


Stained wine box nightstand DIY

Storage space in a modern nightstand

Stylish Cell side table in solid canaletta walnut

Two legged hot pink nightstand


Wall mounted nightstands in light wood

Wooden Ziggy Night table with minimal design

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