Some words about bathroom mirrors

Some words about bathroom mirrors

Quiet Time In The Tub

La salle de bain – aka bathroom – is the place to go crazy with mirrors. May be art deco bathroom mirror.  The edgy contours of frameless mirrors make bath time very fashionable. Depending on your preference, you can go either way: chic and modern or country sweetheart. Here are some bathroom mirror favorites. Which one do you like best?

stylish bathroom mirror
by Kerrie L. Kelly

Mirror 5


by BHG

Look what a little tile color change can do to the overall presentation! The various shades of blue mimic the sparkling beauty of water, curating a refreshing and soothing atmosphere.

Mirror 7


Some bathrooms will work well with just a single mirror. While the idea of having a full-length mirror is very captivating, smaller accents can sometimes get the job done just as nicely.

vintage rugged bathroom mirror

by Anita Cox



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