5+1 Astonishing Attics Decorating Ideas

5+1 Astonishing Attics Decorating Ideas

Here is for you interesting attics decorating ideas. The unique and interesting shapes and curves of attic ceilings just invite creative takes on interior designing. Whether the attic is going to be a bedroom, a living room, or a studio loft, decoration ideas are endless. Attics make a great canvas for interior design, not just a convenient storage places or a home to dust bunnies. Take in these six intoxicating and amazing attics to inspire you in revamping your own attic.

Attics Decorating Ideas
Comfortable Attics Decorating Ideas

The rug with circular detailing is complements the patterns on the pillows, while the crystals dangling from the pendant light match similarly with the patterned wallpaper to give an overall organic atmosphere.

Blue Attics Decorating Ideas
Soft blue for attics decorating ideas

To brighten up an attic, a color palette of white and blue is a great combination to prevent the common perceived notions of attics as dimly lit and drab spaces.

White Attics Decorating Ideas
Great Attics Decorating Ideas

The addition of colorful pillows and potted flowers is a wise move to contrast against the white wall and ceiling of this attic living room.

Ascetic Attics Decorating Ideas

This minimalist attic uses the combination of geometric shapes and monochrome surfaces to evoke a simplified style.

White Attic

This pure and simplistic white attic adds subtle touches of country style through the pillow patterns and copper surface schoolhouse pendants.

Attic Nook

This small nook of an attic, offers a perfect getaway to enjoy a novel in the sunlight before falling asleep for an afternoon nap.

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