Achieve a romantic and sensual decor in your bedroom

Achieve a romantic and sensual decor in your bedroom

If your purpose is to sleep in a comfortable environment that combines romance and sensuality , and want to remodel your bedroom principal in a simple and easy way, here we suggest how, just follow these tips:


Buy furniture in one color scheme

This type of furniture gives a fresh air space. Remember that you should not reload environments with various colors as we seek to neatness and simplicity, so choose the colors you will use. We recommend that the base colors are the mahogany, gray, red, cream or white.

romantic and sensual decor in bedroom

Use melamine

This material you can find in different colors. They will be very chic spaces like closets and bring a romantic touch to the bedroom.


Coated with leather

An alternative is to take the platform bed with leather silver or black, oppose iron headboards shaped like hearts. There are many types of laminated leather pearly, one is leather imitation alligator or snake. You get a very sensual style.


Bright lighting

You can use the lighting tubes leds having coating, these will go as a kind of hose under furniture. It is very easy to use and easy to install. If you have a large window, allowing natural light.


Search the perfect complements

You can buy nightstands, flowers, mirrors, carpets and curtains. The mirrors bring light and openness to the environment. You can also use many candles and put ornaments hearts.


Play with the sheets

The color of the sheets may be the same base hue of the room. Although you can create contrast with another color. A very sexy idea is to place sheets simulating skins or coats.

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