25 Amazing Ideas Of Bedside Tables For Small Spaces

25 Amazing Ideas Of Bedside Tables For Small Spaces

The bedside table is a small but incredibly necessary furniture inside the bedroom. Where you colocarías phone, the glass of water, the remote control before bedtime? However, sometimes suffer from lack of space, especially if you have a small apartment like me. So the selection of each piece of furniture is very important to save space and to find place for every thing. I bring you some models which are at the same time original, but by another very functional.

bedside table for small room

Folding table A table of this type will occupy the minimum space. Also anytime you need it can give another utility. For example, if you want to be served something for your guests. It will be very easy to vacate it and relocate it.Try not stuffing it objects to make easy of use when necessary.


Sliding table vintage like light table This furniture is store Pottery Barn that seeks to replicate a vintage caddy. You’ve imagined it as a bedside table? In fact it can be very practical if you want to use it then as a table for coffee when you’re working or to place your makeup while you manage or be your table light during the night.Place your favorite books and what you might need in the night.

bedside table ideas for small space

Minimalist bedside table Just a small shelf to serve you bedside. To give it more personality and not look so simple dale a special color such as red or electric blue.Place the indispensable so that the decoration not lose its essence. Remember that minimalism, less is more.


Multi-level bedside table Another way to save space is to use levels. I.e. your furniture not only manage a horizontal structure that can seize up. Light tables should not be an exception. They may have several shelves so you can place different things. If you want to use one that is not as high as this, but which can also help you to put things like books, boxes, etc. Always prefer the colors in your furniture so that they open space.

bedside tables for small spaces

Ladder style bedside table How would you like using a ladder as a bedside table? It will occupy very little space, and will be very interesting. Even better if the ladder is aging so you have a vintage style. In each step you can place different objects, the last can be a lamp that lights up the room. Do you dare to try? Of course if one day need a ladder to take an object on a shelf or bowls, you also have it on hand.


Table light and comfortable at the same time If you have no more room in the room, your table of light can also be your comfortable. Place a mirror back (looks great is not hung but settled on the table). Put a tray (as in the photograph) in which you can place the things that you are always moving so will not scramble the whole.What model do you like more? As you can see, there are no rules, the model can be placed wherever you want whenever you respond to your needs. If you have limited space, you don’t why renounce to have your light table.


bedside table ideas for small room
















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