24 Inspiring Small Bathroom Designs

24 Inspiring Small Bathroom Designs

When space becomes an issue, our bathrooms looks like they have been squeezed to small cubicles. However, there are some good news in the design field. Some experts and amateur decorators show their amazing space saving ideas for small bathrooms. Here is some of the small bathroom designs.

1. Wooden Low Budget Decor.

Wooden Low Budget decor
Small bathroom designs: everything that you need is to wash your arms and to take a shower.

If you have the budget, this circular installation is a really good idea to make the most of your small bathroom.

2. Green And White Natural Decor.

green white nature decor

This organic option shows you how to use free safe to storage towels and other items.

3. Cozy Small Bathroom Decor.

cozy small bathroom mod
Small Bathroom Designs

The dark colors of the floor and wood contrast with the white sanitary items.

4. Old World Small Bathroom Design.

Old World Small Bathroom Design mod

This classic bathroom can make you feel like you belong to another epoch.

5. Victorian Bathroom Curtain Decor.

Victorian Bathroom Curtain decor mod

This black curtain makes a super interesting appointment in a small bathroom.

6. Executive Small Bathroom.

Executive Small bathroom mod

This executive bathroom is a great example of space management. It is convenient to use the radiator in the entire height of the wall.

7. Big Mirrored Small Bathroom Decor.

big mirrored wall mod

Transforming a wall into a big mirror is one of the most known ways to make a room seem bigger.

8. Chrome Metallic Small Bathroom.

Chrome metallic Small Bathroom mod

Reflexes also make a room seem bigger, so metallic sanitary items can help your bathroom look wider.

9. Ultra Modern Steam Shower Bathroom.

ultra modern bathroom, bathroom, modern design

This futuristic steam shower can make any bathroom seem like a spaceship, even the smaller ones.

10. The Green Optical Illusion Decor.

The Green Optical Illusion Decor mod

The shiny walls create an optical illusion and make this small bathroom seem bigger.

11. Small Bathroom Designs: WIde Window Is Enlarge The Space.

12. Contemporary Awesome Decor.

Contemporary Awesome Small Bathroom decor mod
One of the important thing in small bathrooms is a good and professional lighting.

What a beautiful use of a small space with stairs, a super creative bathroom.

13. Cupcake Baby Bath Decor.

Cup Cake Baby Bath decor mod

If babies could tell us their dreams, we’re pretty sure that a cute bathroom like this would be part of it.

14. Blue Aqua Small Bathroom.

Blue Aqua Small Bathroom decor mod

This bright color makes any bathroom interesting, especially a smaller one.

15. The Wall Decor Is Welcome.

The Bee Knees Bungalow Small Bathroom mod

This amazing small bathroom has some cool little decor details.

16. Storage Creative Ideas.

Small Bathroom Storage mod

This is kind of a DIY item to make your bathroom look even nicer. And it can even save you some space!

17. Homely Small Bathroom Decor.

Homely Small Bathroom decor mod

This is the kind of cozy bathroom that makes you feel like you’re at home.

18. Tiny Metallic Cottage Bathroom Decor.

Tiny Cottage Bathroom decor mod

The clever use of vertical space allows you to even put the washing machine in this small bathroom.

19. Beautiful Glass Door.

Small Bathroom Designs: using glass door helps it seem bigger.

20. Cool Towel Storage.

Cool Towel Storage mod

This floral and cozy bathroom decor makes the most of these nice vertical cabinets.

21. Utilize The Cabinet Doors.


By using these small spaces to store the little daily items, you save a lot of space and, especially, you avoid messy cabinets.

22. Small Antique Style.

Small Antique Inspired Bathroom mod

The old-looking furniture is a good descision.

23. Undersea World Decor Style.

This beautiful decoration seems like it was made specifically for this small space. Painted walls and small details fits great to this small and cozy interior.

24. Light Blue Inspiration.

feeling nautical

The soft tones gives this small bathroom a nice and fresh look.

Source:  apartmentgeeks.net

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