18 patio lighting strings for your prfect backyard

18 patio lighting strings for your prfect backyard

The string patio lights are no longer bought only for holidays but they are also used to highlight the landscaped yards and gardens during the entire year. They offer an attractive accent so they can brighten up the walkway and the patio.  The lighting offers the safety element with the aesthetic quality when it illuminates the areas which are dimly lit. Besides many color options the buyer has, he has also the options of choosing between LED lights and traditional incandescent bulb. The tube lights also known as rope lights are found in different colors and they are used on the perimeters or the places that are near a ground.  Before, the outdoor string light was supposed to get plugged in the electrical outlet but now the new models are powered by the solar power or battery. Being aware of the reason why you want to buy the string lighting in the first place, it will help you in determining which type of the power and the bulb you need for your job.

The incandescent bulb had been a popular choice for the outdoor string light for the special occasions and holiday decorations. The lights are found in different variety of wattage, string length and colors.  LED are the latest lights for outdoor string lights. The LED lights are being favored because they have a long life and they save energy compared to the traditional bulb. However, since the lighting option is new, it has limited number of sizes, shapes and colors.  There are some companies which had started to offer the lantern strings with the fun casing for the LED lights.

Manufacturers are now working on the string patio lights, which are solar powered. They are energy and cost efficient.  The lights use a solar panel to soak the sun lights within a day and it is used during the night.  LED bulbs are recommended for solar panels since they do not use too much energy.

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