14 Really Cool Vintage Bedrooms

14 Really Cool Vintage Bedrooms

A bedroom is not just a mere function of bedrooms, but also another important area to spend time at will. In the midst of boredom and fatigue, many people could reach her only comfort in the cool bedrooms.

One of the most popular and enduring designs for the bedroom is a vintage style. In the cool bedrooms you can combine some classic design elements with color and just the right elements to present the style.

What is vintage?


Pretty simple! Vintage is the look stubborn and always refused to lose its popularity. This style is really exudes a sense of nostalgia and romanticism which was so thick that it looks very suitable not only for the cool bedrooms, but also a relaxing space to move the boring routine.

You would normally expect to see the wondrous piece of wrought iron or wooden bed classic style that can be found online, complete with accessories such as fur and plush pillows. It certainly suitable especially combined with a mixture of eclectic styles of accessories to get the look ” shabby ” for this room.




Decorating your walls

You can paint the walls with pretty neutral colors or pastel colors. After that, you can use some clever design ideas for adding these walls appear in vintage style by creating a focal point.


You can use wall stencils to make the focal point, and one way to show vintage feel is an area with a lace design. This design should be made evenly to achieve a faded vintage look.


Once you have a lace panel or design your stencil on the wall, you can add some fancy brass hooks are dotted around this area and then hang some of your favorite pieces of jewelry. This will not only look great and add a vintage effect, but it is a practical solution for you.



Design with your own head

One of the main features to design the bedroom is you can add antique style and your own ideas, especially to create the appearance of ” shabby ” and unique. It is not hard to do, because you just need a little time to think.

Designing your head bearings, for example. This is a typical example of an idea that you can do it easier than you think. The end result will add a unique personal touch to your cool bedrooms.










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