11 Tips For Quick Bedroom Makeover

11 Tips For Quick Bedroom Makeover

Every now and then would you like something different. A new wardrobe, a new haircut or a new interior. All you need for that latter often deep in the wallet. How much fun would it be if you with a few tips your home easy, relatively inexpensive and without too much trouble can give a whole different look? With these 11 tips you give your bedroom a quick makeover. And the good thing is: you can start immediately!

1. Cover the floor

And then of course not with socks or dirty laundry, but with a nice carpet. It’s not just warm to the feet, but gives your bedroom a cosy, warm atmosphere.

bedroom shabby chic white floral pattern wallpaper moebel

Bedrooms different gray shadow sleigh bed

Ideas set deco bedroom design and wall colors

zen bedroom emotion recliner Muted colors

2. Pimp your bedside table

A bedside table is often used as a gathering place of odds and ends, while, tidy and nicely decorated, right can be an eye-catcher in the bedroom. When you choose a non-standard bedside table (inspiration can be found here and here), see your bedroom there directly very different!

bedroom corner fireplace stone hut covered panorama window

bedroom makeover lamps

3. Stack of cushions

Pillows are handy Accessories: they can be your bed, and therefore your bedroom, directly give a different look and feel. Go different PCB’s not out of the way: mix large prints with small and floral prints with geometric prints.

bedroom makeover ideas

bedroom black colored bedspread

4. DIY-art

Are you a little creative? Provide the walls than your own work of art. Create a mood Board, painting or play with pictures. It adds a personal and original touch to your bedroom.

bedroom makeover Accessories

bedroom wood optics wallpaper stoves carpet fensterfront

bedroom wood ceiling beams bedded main window shutters

5. Bright colors

Don’t you want to work with paint, but a Tan in your bedroom? Choose colorful accessories! With a little effort you can achieve a great result.

bedroom shabby chic vintage wallpaper pattern decorations

6. Change the eye-catcher

You don’t want to spend a lot of time your bedroom makeover? Choose to change one eye-catcher, such as a Cabinet or your bed frame, for example, by this to give a different color or with tape to add color accents.bedroom makeover planned bedroom

7. Prints and patterns

Prints and patterns are very versatile in the (re-) furnish your bedroom: cushion covers, duvet covers, bedspreads, lampshades, curtains, wallpaper. Prints and patterns do it everywhere good.

8. Furniture sliders

Play once with your bedroom decor! Probably you have been so used to the current decor of your bedroom that you hurry not to dare to think to go with your furniture to scroll. Still you can with a little shove the whole look of your bedroom furniture literally upset.bedroom makeover prints

9. A little green

You have, of course, no tropical rainforest out of it, but by a few plants to put down you give your bedroom a whole other, little Bohemian, vibe. The contrast of the plants also creates a nice effect, especially if you have the rest of your bedroom quiet when it comes to color.

10. Create a comfortable place

Put a Chair or bean bag in a corner of the bedroom and cover this with pads and doilies. If you’ve got a warm and comfortable nook where you can withdraw yourself, for example, reading a book.

bedroom modern einrihten neutral colors lilac black

11. Light game

An easy way to the look and atmosphere of your bedroom to change is by playing with light. Replace bright lights by lamps with a lower wattage or another light color, buy new night lights, pimp the lampshades or hang Christmas lights or light cords on.

bedroom modern neutral colors wall sight



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