8 Interior design ideas with sliding glass doors in contemporary home

8 Interior design ideas with sliding glass doors in contemporary home

Sliding glass doors give an aesthetically pleasing touch to your house. They not only accentuate the looks of your house but can prove extremely functional by acting as a divider or a casual entry and exit way. Glass doors are available in a variety of designs and price ranges. The perfect design can be selected as per your taste and budget. Listed here are few sliding glass doors and their versatile functions.

Overlooking terrace

Recámara Principal : Eclectic style balcony, veranda & terrace by Taller Estilo Arquitectura

These glass doors open onto the terrace. They provide a clear and uninterrupted view of the beautiful terrace, balcony and makes your bedroom a dream come true. The wide glass arrangement has a row of doors that opens into a heavenly abode surrounded by trees and flowers. The subtle and dim lighting makes you have a time of your life during the night. Imagine waking up with the sun rays on your face each morning.

Wide separator

Дом в Днепропетровске : Minimalist balcony, veranda & terrace by Aleksandr Zhydkov architect

These huge glass doors act as a separator between the dining area and the living room. The thick black frames are coordinated well with the overall interiors of the house which eventually makes everything look like a single entity. The sliding doors are multi purpose and affordable. They do separate the two rooms from each other, but still provide a clear visual access in both the rooms without interrupting your view. You can save a lot with glass separators as they are much economical and peppy as compared to the usual wooden separators.
Wardrobe charm

Modernes Schlafzimmer : Modern bedroom by Egger`s Einrichten

Here the sliding doors can be seen as a sexy and stylish entrance way to the walk-in closet. These doors are perfectly in sync with the glass windows which helps in maintaining a uniform look of the room. The glass doors will keep all your clothes and accessories just a slide away and will give your room a chic and classy feel.

Indoor weds outdoor

Headlands Cottage - Exterior Extension : Modern windows & doors by Barc Architects

This sliding glass door unites the indoors with the outdoors. The floor to ceiling design gives you a clear view of the outside even when you are sitting inside. It acts as a wonderful enhancement to your existing home décor. Bright black window panes add vibrancy to the area along with providing a bold and beautiful look. These doors come in handy when you have a barbecue or pool parties with your friends and family. It gives an easy access inside the house along with clear views of the outside.

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Dojo style

Asiatischer Shoji-Stil: Schiebetüren als Schrankfront : Doors by LIGNUM Schreinerei GmbH

Dojo style is a Japanese style of glass décor. This design is highly functional and versatile. It can be used inside the room as a separator or outside the room as an entrance. This is a pretty new design in the market and slowly gaining popularity outside the Asian subcontinent. It looks beautiful with wooden interiors and can also be used in contrast with classical interiors. They can be used as a wardrobe veneer, a bathroom separator or even as a dressing room separator.

The combined effect

inside outside : Modern balcony, veranda & terrace by ZERO9

These doors provide an amalgamation of the inside with the outside. It gives a beautiful view from the living room and the dining room. You can relish the sassy metropolitan skyline along with the nature. The small forest created in the balcony makes it possible to have nature and city in one single frame. These sliding doors are cladded from one end to the other and provide a clear panoramic view of Mumbai. The LED lights on the ceiling, along with the clear glass doors provide a soothing and unified effect.

Pool separator

Modern pool by Taller Estilo Arquitectura

These glass doors help to separate the pool from the main house. Now you can enjoy swimming with just a slide of the doors. The lavish exterior is merged into the interior of these clear view doors. These doors also provide privacy to the swimmers and can help them enjoy a good time without disturbing the other inmates of the house.

A quiet exit

Navello - Oceano : Windows by Navello

Designed specifically for smaller and compact households, these sets of sliding doors act as an entrance and exit way. They can be built both in the front yard or the backyard. This door provides a respectable contribution to this rustic house and helps in increasing the overall design charm. There is nothing fancy about these doors as simple and affordable glass panes and wood is used to match the interiors of the house. These doors blend in well with the surroundings and act as a true visual delight.


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