6 Beautiful And Stylish Wooden Houses Interiors

6 Beautiful And Stylish Wooden Houses Interiors

Wooden houses are beautiful not only externally, but also internally – what colors, what a texture! Actually, the decorator only remains that emphasize the natural beauty of the interior of the house. In our current collection – examples for your inspiration!

Country house with a wooden facade and interior trim – the dream of many city dwellers. What better opportunity to arrive at the weekend closer to nature in your own home ownership, equipped with the best possible use of natural materials?

Here wood is used not only as a material for building facade cladding, but also for the construction of the main structures.

Stylish Wooden Houses Interiors
Large stained glass windows and glass doors provide a large space for sunlight.

Those great wooden frames in its natural color are the basis of the original performance of all indoor interior.

On the ground floor of the house with the help of an open-plan are organized several functional areas – a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and hallway.

wooden houses interiors
Own wood structure creates a great contrast and an excellent execution for wooden houses interiors.


wooden houses interiors
Perfect example of wooden houses interior.

The combination of different shades of wood in one area creates not only a variety of color and texture, but also helps the performance of a harmonious and balanced way.

A feature of wooden house is that all the interior decoration is made of wood, as well as most of the furniture, decoration and home accessories. Perhaps the original design will be an inspiration for those who plan to repair or reconstruction of their own wooden house.

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