Lugerin Architects

Igor Lugerin

The desire to create high-quality contemporary buildings has determined the Lugerin’s architecture style.  He methodically and fundamentally reaches the harmony and integrity of his projects through a combination of factors that affect the projects.

First of all, his objects are formally incorporated in the environment “world – human – environment.” Taking into account landscape, topography, climate and other characteristics, Igor creates an organic structure, similar to the environment.

Second, consistency and reasonableness of the projects. An architectural landmark – functionalism. Functional is the main feature of beauty. Organization of the master plan with convenient entrances, parking lots, lawns and more. The composition of facades based on a thoroughly considered system of rational proportions, forming the architectural image. The internal space is always fresh, interesting, understandable. Selection of parts of the style and design concept is equally important.

Third, certain stylistic character, style. Works of Igor inherent expressive conciseness and originality of the composition of architectural forms, delicate game of color, light and space, ease and classiness!